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“An inclusive Ugandan society, where
persons with disabilities and older persons
enjoy their rights and freedom”
CERU Uganda
Key programmes
What changes will CERU make?
1. Research and research utilization: CERU undertakes to document and disseminate information on human rights among its beneficiaries and key stakeholders. Research work leads to evidence based interventions and awareness raising for the effective observance of human rights within communities. Likewise, CERU’s programs and strategies are informed by research undertaking in the spirit of evidence based responses to issues of human rights.

2. Access to Justice: PWDs rights have not yet been fully domesticated and integrated into the national mechanisms. This impedes the task of harmonizing national legislation with international standards, and makes enforcement and moni¬toring of those rights more difficult. In addition, there are limited ways to avail remedies for breach of PWDs rights. PWDs are often unaware of their rights and mechanisms to claim and enforce them, while financial constraints limit their access to Law and Order (JLOS) institutions.

3. Livelihood support and promotion: CERU encourages participation of all citizens in productive work, to improve their incomes, food security/sovereignty, wealth creation and environmental protection. CERU empowers citizens through self-sustaining income generating activities. Citizens are engaged in sustainable income generating activities that are influenced both by individual choice and market forces. Our Livelihood promotion program works towards ensuring transfer of power and resources to citizens, ensuring that communities speak out and exercise their agency. As such the livelihood Program ensures building of locally driven initiatives on dignified livelihoods.
• Person with disabilities and older persons have skills to live dignified life and have confidence to overcome challenges that impact on their lives and rights.

•Families and community provide supportive relationships and robust systems of support .

• Build a body of movement and networks that challenge violation of rights against persons with disabilities and older persons.
How will CERU achieve its objectives?(Strategies)
• Build up individual competencies, supportive relationships, family economic stability, and robust systems of support.

• Support persons with disabilities and older persons to develop the internal and external resources to be resilient agents of change

• Create a network of networks that can challenge social norms around disability and older persons.

• Enhance monitoring and learning capacity to inform improvements in programming and to influence the field around rights of persons with disabilities and older persons.