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“An inclusive Ugandan society, where
persons with disabilities and older persons
enjoy their rights and freedom”
CERU Uganda
How will CERU support its work?
How will CERU resource its work (funding)?
The organisation is envisaged to have an Executive director, Finance and administrations manager, Grants, monitoring and communications manager and a host of officers (volunteers). The proposed structure is cognizant of the tasks ahead, leadership, management, human and financial resource challenges apparent. This mandates though not entirely new, it has been clarified and strategically aligned to spur organizational growth. The Job description for the various positions will be detailed in the human resource manual.

CERU governance structure consists of the people, processes, and systems—that run the day-to-day organizational activities. The offices include; the BOD members, the secretariat (management and operational staff) and the collaborating institutional staffs. The processes will be used to gather and report information to the board, external stakeholders, as well as to management. CERU’s Board of Directors will play a consultative partnership role, visibility and resource mobilization roles.

The board will carry out oversight responsibility across the organization in areas such as business development and risk strategy, organization, financial soundness, and regulatory compliance. It will be incumbent upon the board to develop, monitor and amend policies for smooth running of the affairs of CERU. The secretariat will be headed by the Executive Director with executive roles and responsibilities for efficient and effective running of the Organization. The ED will be the liaison person with external stakeholders as well as the strategist and chief fundraiser of funds.
1.This will be done through arrangements in terms of revenue predictions and expenditure predictions.

2.The organisation shall engage in internal generation of revenues through a charge on its services, seek for grants from stakeholders and partners.

3.CERU will pro-actively engage in identifying various resource providers to fund specific components of this budget in kind and cash.