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“An inclusive Ugandan society, where
persons with disabilities and older persons
enjoy their rights and freedom”
CERU Uganda
How will CERU define its success?
1. Create safe and supportive environment for persons with disabilities and older persons.
2. Strengthen the agency, voice and resilience of persons with disabilities and older persons.
3. Transform the root causes of human rights violation against older persons and persons with disabilities.
4. Influence the field through advocacy, networking, research and building a body of movement.
5. Increase CERU institutional capacity to achieve its strategic goals.
1. CERU ability to respond effectively and appropriately to the needs of persons with disabilities and older persons.
2. The efficacy of CERU models in supporting persons with disabilities and older persons.

What Guides what CERU Does and how does CERU do it (Principles and Values)
1. CERU believes in the dignity, inherent worth and equality of every person with disabilities and older persons.
     As such rights of persons with disabilities and older persons serve as CERU main guiding principle.

2. CERU believes in respect for democratic values:
     People have a right to make informed choices and should be consulted and supported to meaningfully participate
     in all processes that are of concern to them.
    A culture and practice of participation is therefore important in our work with allies, at community, national and     international levels.

3.CERU believes in Fairness and social justice:
    Resources should be distributed and re-distributed equitably, for the benefit of all citizens, without disadvantaging any     groups. The struggle for human rights must be founded on social justice paradigms that protect the vulnerable and     excluded. Fairness, equality and social justice is important in CERU’s work.

4.CERU believes in Accountability and transparency:
    Power and resources must be used with integrity and responsibility. It is only through accountable governance that     human rights can be protected and enjoyed by all Ugandans. Our own accountability to communities we work with     and other allies nationally and internationally, including donors, is key to the success of our strategies.

5.CERU believes in equal protection and non-discrimination:
    All individuals and groups are equal, should be treated with dignity and due regard must be given to their diversity.
    CERU strives to promote and protect the rights of older persons and persons with disabilities without discrimination.

6.CERU believes in use of people-centered approaches:
    Citizens’ power of agency needs to be nurtured and supported, through action strategies in which they identify, name     and define human rights problems and, with facilitation, establish capabilities to apply various tools of advocacy and     social transformation. As opposed to top-down approaches, people themselves lead their struggles and expand their     opportunities to realize and exercise their rights.

7.CERU believes that persons with disabilities and older persons have power, agency and resilience.

8.CERU believes they should have input into decisions that affect their lives. In our work, we value and respect the     voice and leadership of persons with disabilities and older persons.